Thursday, March 12, 2009

The title for this story is 'Where Are You Going, Where have You Been'. The main character in this story is Connie. She is a fifteen year old girl and she has a quick nervous giggling habit of craning her neck to glance into mirrors, or checking other people's faces to make sure her own was alright.The other person who be considered as one of the main character is Arnold Friend who is being portrayed as a psycho. Other characters which are involve in this story is Connie's mother, her sister June, her father, her friends, Eddie and Ellie.

From what is read and could be understand by going through this story is that Connie lives in her own little world and always being compared to her elder sister June by her mother which is sort of jealous by her beauty. This might be due to her current situation, no longer being beautiful as once before. Connie is a girl which can be implieed as self conscious and sort of childish. She likes getting all the attention from people.

Arnold friend is playing a character which could be seen as a psycho. He knows where Connie lives. He knows what her family is like and what they were all doin and with whom. The way Arnold was described makes it sound similar to the devil. By the description of the feet, the posture, his eyes, as well as his knowledge of knowing everythin that is going on. He is sort of creepy and he is also very persuasive. He persuaded Connie to come along with him for a joy ride. In a way he has very high self confidence and sort of a sweet talker. His friend Ellie on the other hand is simply weird. He just does not seem to care bout anything that is goin on.

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