Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Social trend can best be defined as cultures that is being practiced and adapted by many people in a certain area or country. There are many factors that can cause the rise of social trend. One of the main factors that causes social trend is modernization. Due to this new rising era of globalization, a lot of new cultures had been found and formed. For instance, the usage of Internet to settle our fees or a way for people around the world to communicate. Almost everyone in today’s world use online payment which is also considered as a trend. Sometimes this type of trends started its convenience and later became a necessity.
The social trend in countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, China and Japan are that they are extremely brand conscious. The trend started ever since teenagers and adults alike started going online, and were more exposed to western movies as well as their advertisements. This could be due to the fact that people in that part of the world are extremely community oriented. They want to always look their best and upstage one another.
Media plays a huge role in affecting social trend. Human beings are easily influenced. We are also easily affected by what people use or wear. Another thing that people are easily influenced by is by the latest gadgets. Teenagers would even get a part time job just so that they would be able to wear the trendiest brand and use the latest gadgets that are out in the market.
As with everything else in this world, there are the positive and negative sides to social trends. Some of the positive parts of social trends are that people are more modernized by it. Everything is so much easier to be done as a lot of the things we want done could be achieved through the internet. Also, it is easier to look for a location of shops, etc… as almost everything has their own websites now. The negative part is that people would do anything for money, just to keep up with the trends, which could be unhealthy.

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