Wednesday, March 11, 2009

analysis paper (blog practise)

I specifically chose this commercial for i think that it has it's own factors and it is to me a new approach to promote something or in this case Pepsi. This commercial to me is interesting because it sends the message through songs from different generation. Which basically means same message passed in all the songs but in different generation forms. Not only the melody is catchy but the lyrics are considered good as well and filled with meaning.
Another thing this commercial uses to attract the attention of the people is by using a famous celebrity or better known as a pop icon 'Britney Spears' to promote their product. As we know, celebrity are suppose to be great role models. People tend to imitate what celebrities do. People tend to look up to celebrities. That is the main reason of why commercials likes to have celebrity promoting their product as for they know that their product rating will go up high.
In this commercial, the main message passed that is clearly viewable is that no matter how old or from which generation you came from, Pepsi is the drink for you. Pepsi makes you feel young. Pepsi is the drink of the generation. You are not left out by drinking Pepsi. Makes u feel young and livelier. That clearly explains the main motto or theme for this commercial is "For those who think young".
Through this commercial, we would know that Pepsi is trying to influence us to buy their product by making us think that Pepsi is the drink of the generation. The hidden message here is that, if you are not drinking Pepsi you are not cool and together with the rest and somehow do not belong in this generation.

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